Brothers fighting for suicide prevention.

Mark Hudson Classic

Each spring semester the chapter holds its annual philanthropy event called the Mark Hudson Classic to raise money for Suicide Prevention and Awareness. Named in honor of Mark Hudson, Mu Alpha 250, the son of two Southeast alumni, Mike and Linda Hudson. It’s a volleyball tournament with a Texas twist.

Money Raised for Suicide Awareness

In Memoriam – Mark Richard Hudson (MA250)

The Mark R. Hudson Memorial House is named in recognition of Mark’s dedication to Sigma Nu Fraternity, his parents’ commitment to Southeast Missouri State University as alumni, and the Mu Kappa Chapter’s tradition of local and national leadership.

Mark was born in St. Louis in 1986 and raised in Missouri – moving to Illinois, Iowa, Kansas City and finally Dallas, Texas. He loved Texas, Sigma Nu, and Baylor. Mark was in the Honors College and wanted to attend law school after graduation. In a news article, Mark’s fraternity brothers and friends described him as  “Honorable, Noble, Intelligent, Creative, Blunt, Dedicated.” It stated “He loved his fraternity. Words cannot express how much he loved his brothers”. “He was a lot of fun to hang out with . . . just sitting around talking to him was interesting. He was funny and always a gentleman. . . He could always be counted on to do something crazy or be part of some mischief, but it was always with a good sense of humor.” ( Baylor Lariat archives, Dec. 1, 2006). Mark enjoyed cigars, favoring Ashton VSGs. He liked golf, bacon, debate and hunting. He often told stories of the time he took a boar down with only a knife. He was so skilled at argument that he made the varsity debate team while a freshman in high school. In spite of popularity, the love of friends and family, and an unlimited future – on November 28, 2006 Mark unbelievably and tragically took his own life just four days after his twentieth birthday. The Mu Kappa Chapter remembers him annually at the MHC (Mark Hudson Classic), raising awareness and funds for suicide prevention.

On November 28, 2016, David Roberson, a Baylor fraternity brother and former National Leadership Consultant for Sigma Nu posted, “In the words of Walter James Sears, the author of the Creed, written upon the passing for James McIlvaine Riley,  A Founder of the Faith is fallen, an old knight is gone, but the Faith dieth not, being a living and uplifting power upon the earth; his lifeless ashes are at rest here, but his spirit is to live among men – all men who have taken the vows of that faith – a gentle and noble spirit working its way and will in the hearts of all Sigma Nus. RIP MA250. A bright Knight has fallen. Perhaps he burned too brightly to remain long with us, but his memory will endure in our hearts.”